Setup Your Drip Campaign in 1 minute with Easy Follow-Ups

Dux-Soup Turbo allows you to set up automatic follow-ups to new connections.

Go to Dux-Soup Options and first set the, 1 to 5, messages you would like Dux-Soup to send after a connection has been added to your network:

You can add and remove entries by clicking the + and - buttons on the right. Each entry has 2 attributes:

  • delay : this is always the delay from the moment the connection was added.
  • message: The message you would to send. This will be delivered as a "direct message".

Now simply toggle the switch to enable the drip campaign. One enabled, Dux-Soup will check for new connections and schedule the drip messages as soon as a new entry is found. Once a connection sends you a direct message, Dux-Soup will stop sending messages to this profile. See this article about System Tags for more info. 

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