Cancel Pending Invites

As LinkedIn recently removed the ability to cancel pending invites in batch, we've created a way to make this easy again. 

1) create a new bookmark in chrome://bookmarks/ . Just click the 3 dots in the top right and select "add new bookmark" .

2) Add these details in the dialog

In the name field enter:
Cancel Pending Invites

In the URL Field enter this block:
javascript:(function(){var i=0;var f=function(){let l=document.querySelector("*[data-control-name=withdraw_single]");if (!!l){setTimeout(function(){;}, 100);setTimeout(function(){document.querySelector(".artdeco-modal .artdeco-button--primary").click();},1500);setTimeout(function(){f();},2500);}};f();})()

And hit "save"

3) navigate to

4) click the new bookmark button:

You will see that the pending invites will start being cancelled one by one. To stop the script, just hit refresh in the browser or close the tab. 

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