Release v7.3.2

v7.3.2 - Key Changes

Unread flag no longer used

From this release onwards Dux-Soup will use a timestamp to determine which messages and connections are new since the last time it checked. Part of this change will mean that Dux-Soup will 

  1. read messages regardless of the 'unread' state
  2. leave the 'unread' state the way it finds it when processing new messages

As a result, you can again read messages in LinkedIn without having to restore the 'unread' flag to ensure follow-ups are handled correctly. You can see the latest check was done in options:

Here you can also find buttons that allow you to quickly force a manual check, especially useful when configuring integrations.

Note: To allow Dux-Soup to check messages in this new way it now is required to open a new Chrome window when running a check.

Sending Sample Data 

In the options panel, you can now find a button to send (static) sample events to your Webhooks. Simply check the desired events, and hit "send samples". For those using e.g. Zapier, this will make it super easy to configure your Zaps!

Other Browsers

You can now use the standard Dux-Soup with Chrome alternatives. We have added Brave to the list, but most Chromium-based desktop browsers should now be able to install via

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