Hubspot: send to CRM once connection is accepted

To record contact in Hubspot, you are required to enter an email. However, Dux-Soup retrieves an email only during profile visit. Therefore, we need to set 2 Zaps to create a new contact in Hubspot:

1st Zap - to detect an accepted connection and visit this profile in order to record an email.
2nd Zap - to send the data to Hubspot.

Before following the detailed steps on how to do achieve this, please enable Remote Control in Options, Connect tab:


1st Zap
1. Make a new Zap:

2. Select Webhooks by Zapier as Trigger App and Catch Hook as Trigger Event:

3. Click on Continue and retrieve your customized Webhook

4. Copy and paste it to Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab, make sure you have ticked only "Message" event and click on "Send Sample":


5. Make sure that you have selected "INVITATION_ACCEPT" event webhook:

7. Add "Filters by Zapier" in your next step and set up the filter to the following value:

8. Choose an action app "Dux-Soup" and action event "Visit Profile", click on "Continue":


9. Select your account, click on "Continue". Afterwards, customize the visit command the following way:


10. Send sample data and turn on your Zap.

2nd Zap

1. Make a new Zap, retrieve a new webhook and paste it to the Connect tab (make sure you have ticked only "Visit" event), click on "Send Sample":


2. Go back to Zapier, test this webhook and add Filters by Zapier in your next step.
3. Set-up the filter and test it:


4. Choose an action App: HubSpot CRM and choose an action event, in this case: Create or Update Contact. Click Continue.


5. Choose your account and click Continue.
6. You can customize contacts in the next window by clicking on +:

7. Once you customized data you wish to record, press on Continue and then select Test and Continue.
8. You should receive the following message stating that the contact was sent to HubSpot CRM.

9. Please turn on your 2nd Zap.

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