Integromat: send to Mailchimp once the connection is accepted

To record contact in Mailchimp, you are required to enter an email. However, Dux-Soup retrieves an email only during a profile visit. Therefore, we need to create 2 scenarios to add a new subscriber to Mailchimp:

1st Scenario - to detect an accepted connection and visit this profile in order to record an email.

2nd Scenario - to send the data to Mailchimp.

Before following the detailed steps on how to do achieve this, please enable Remote Control in Options, Connect tab:


1st Scenario

1. Go to and select “Scenarios” from the left-side popup menu, and click on Create a new scenario button:

2. Search for “Dux-Soup” in the next window, click on the icon and select Continue:

3. Click on ? and select Dux-Soup as your 1st module. Then, select Watch Events:

4. Afterwards, click on Dux-Soup module and click on Add button:

5. Name your webhook and click on the Save button:

6. Copy the unique URL:

7. Paste this URL to Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab, select the "Message" event and enable the Webhook option:

Note: please be advised to use only one event for one webhook. Find more details here.

8. Go back to the, right-click on the Dux-Soup module and select "Run this module only":

9. Create a new accepted connection event on LinkedIn (send a connection request using Dux-Soup and wait until someone accepts it). Then, go to Options > Connect tab and click on "Check Connections" button next to the Message Bridge. You can also retrieve a webhook from previously accepted connections by following these steps

10. Go back to Integromat, your webhook should look like this:

11. Add a second module to your scenario - Dux-Soup, Visit Profile:

12. Connect the Dux-Soup Remote Control to Integromat by clicking on the “Add” button and enter your details:

Your User ID is located in the Options, User tab:

Your unique authentication key is located in the Options, Connect tab:

13. Make sure that you have filled the "Profile" field from the webhook's data and click OK:

14. Set up the filter (right-click):

15. Label your filter and set your conditions accordingly, press OK:

16. Save your scenario and turn it on:

2nd Scenario

1. Make a new scenario, add Dux-Soup “Watch Events” module, retrieve a new webhook and paste it to the Connect tab (steps 1-8 from the 1st module), make sure you have selected only the "Visit" event:

2. Go back to Integromat, right-click on the module and select “Run this module only”. Note, that only one event will be visible at a time. You will need to run the module again and select ‘Process existing’  to get the "update" event.

3. Add a second model to your scenario. In this example, “Mailchimp > Add/Update Subscriber. Then, connect your Mailchimp account, select your list’s ID and use the data from the webhook to fill in the empty fields:

3. Set-up the filter accordingly and click “OK”:

4. Save your scenario and turn it on.