How to send follow-ups to the already existing 1st-degree connections?

You can use the Dux-Soup widget to set up follow-ups for existing 1st-degree connections.

You can also track which follow-up campaign has been assigned to what prospect.

First, you need to set up a follow-up campaign in Dux-Dash.

Then, you will need to select which campaign you wish to use for enrollment. Click on the Dux-Soup icon in your browser, go to the Options, Actions tab and scroll to your follow-up campaign. Select the campaign that you wish to run:

You will need to turn on the follow-up function for the widget to work:

Now, you can start enrolling people on the selected follow-up campaign.

The already existing connections (1st-degree connections) will have follow-ups scheduled straight away and 2nd/3rd-degree connections will be sent a connection request and once they accept your connection, Dux-Soup will start sending follow-ups.

You have 2 options, to Enroll:

1. Open a profile you wish to check and then click on the Enroll button:

2. Perform a search on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator and enrol directly on that list:

Once you click on the Enroll button, Dux-Soup will schedule a follow-up to that user:

Please note that you cannot schedule follow-ups to 1st-degree connections that have already been added to a campaign. You cannot switch between campaigns or add 1 prospect to multiple campaigns. 

You can see your queued follow-ups via your Dux-Dash Queued Activity.

To qualify your leads, you will need to go to your Funnel Flow and mark your prospect as qualified:

The widget will show this:

If you wish to remove a prospect from your campaign, qualify them out:

On the widget it will look like this:

You can minimise the widget here:

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