What is “Free points” and how does it work?

Please note that Free Points has been disabled due to the most recent LinkedIn changes.

When you click "Free points", this means that you will trade the emails of your existing LinkedIn connections to points. You will receive 1 point for each email you upload from your current contact list on LinkedIn. 

When you click on “Free Points”, you will be taken to Dux-Soup Trade Wizard. There are 3 easy steps to trade the emails:

You cannot choose which emails to upload as Dux-Soup will automatically scan them all and capture emails where available. For example, if you have 100 of contacts in your network, you will receive 100 Dux-Soup points.

To see Dux-Soup Trade Wizard in action, watch this video tutorial.

The points balance will be displayed under Services in the Dux-Store

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