How to add Webhook to Dux-Soup

Step 1: Go to the "Options" and click on the "Connect" tab.

Step 2: Enable Webhook.

Step 3: Now click on "Actions" tab and enable "Run automated actions while manually browsing profiles".

Step 4: Go to and make a Zap! 

Step 5: Choose "Webhook" as a Trigger app. Tip: Name your Zap first!

Step 6: Click on Catch Hook and then (very important!) Save + Continue.

Step 7: Then go back and click on "Set Up Web Hook". You'll see an URL which you need to copy. And click "Continue". Tip: For better user experience tick "Silent Mode".

Step 8:  Go back to Dux-Soup "Options" and click on "Connect" on Dux-Soup. Then paste the URL link.

Step 9: Now go back to Zapier and press "Continue" twice until you are on this page:

Step 10: It's time to go to your LinkedIn to visit a profile for data. Open a random profile on LinkedIn and wait for Dux-Soup to record it.

Step 11:  Once you've done this. You are good to click on "Ok, I did this".

Step 12: Choose a Hook founded on LinkedIn and press "Continue"

Step 13: You are ready to add an action of your choice! You can do it by clicking on "+Add a Step".