Dux-Soup Turbo Agency Plan

For agencies, we offer the monthly Turbo Agency package which can be purchased here:


The monthly Agency package starts off with a minimum of 10 pre-paid seats, which are included in the monthly fee.

Upon the purchase, you receive a license key for Turbo that your team members need to use to activate their Dux-Soup Turbo accounts. If more than 10 users use the key to activate their Turbo accounts these will be automatically charged on the next invoice. Unused pre-paid seats are NOT refundable.

The customer who signs up to the Turbo Agency plan is automatically set up as license admin and will be able to view users, remove inactive ones and relocate Dux-Soup seats to different team members. All of this can be managed under the Options > User tab by accessing the License Administrator panel:

After signing up, the Dux-Soup license key will show up in Dux-Soup Dash:


Prices for the 10 seat setup are available in 3 currencies:

  • € 362.30 / month in Euro countries
  • £ 325.00 / month in the UK
  • US$ 412.50 / month in other countries

Additional seats are automatically charged and added to the invoice for the subsequent monthly renewal. The email addresses of all users are displayed on the invoice for your reference. The rates for post-paid seats are as follows, depending on the currency of your plan:

  • € 36.23 / seat 
  • £ 32.50 / seat
  • US$ 41.25 / seat

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