User Settings API


The User Settings API is aimed at super-users who manage the LinkedIn outreach of multiple accounts. It enables the reading and writing of all user configurable settings of the Dux-Soup extension and the Dux-Dash. With this you can e.g. change the times in the planner, or change the daily invite limits for a specific Dux-Soup account, without requiring access to the extension via the browser menu!

Reading Settings

This API call retrieves all user settings. 

Writing Settings

Set any number of user settings.

settings A JSON object containing the desired key-value pairs of the updated settings.

Available Settings

Dux-Soup settings are split into the following categories:

  • automation: configures LinkedIn automation
  • behaviour: configures behaviour of Dux-Soup when running LinkedIn activity
  • exclusion: settings related to skipping profiles and excluding automations
  • tagging: settings related to auto-tagging
  • campaigns: campaign configurations and defaults
  • operation: operational settings of the extensions, not related to automation
  • ui: impacts the user interface of Dux-Soup
  • license: external license configuration
  • advanced: settings for superusers

The following settings are available:

actionnotifications ui display notifications of actions
activefollowupcampaignid campaigns preselected campaign when enrolling
affiliatelicense user external license key configuration
autoconnect automation send connection request to 1st degree connections
autoconnectmessageflag automation include a message with the connection request
autoconnectmessagetext automation message of the connection request
autodisconnect automation disconnect profiles when auto visiting
autoendorse automation auto-endorse profiles
autoendorsetarget automation endorse top 1-3, or bottom 1-3 skills
autofollow automation auto-follow profiles
autopdf automation auto save as pdf
autosaveaslead automation auto save as lead
autotagflag tagging auto tag profiles 
autotagvalue tagging tags to use for auto tagging
backgroundmode advanced run remote control activity in a tab or window
badgedisplay ui value of number to display in toolbar
buymail ui enable email lookups 
campaigns campaigns campaign definitions
connectedmessageflag automation send direct message to 1st degree connections
connectedmessagetext automation message to send to 1st degree connections
excludeblacklistedaction exclusion exclude automated actions for blacklisted profiles
excludelowconnectioncountaction exclusion exclude profiles with few connections
excludelowconnectioncountvalue exclusion minimum number of connections of a target profile 
excludetagskippedaction exclusion exclude activity on profiles with specific tags
expand automation open all profile sections to retrieve all available data
expirependinginvitesflag automation cancel invites that are haven't been accepted 
expirependinginvitesvalue automation time to wait before cancelling invites
followupflag campaigns schedule followups for new connections that were enrolled
followupforallflag campaign schedule followups for all new connections
infonotifications ui display notifications of info messages
killcharacters operation remove these characters from names when extracting data
killwords operation remove these words from names when extracting data
linkedinlimitalert behaviour detect when LinkedIn shows the invitation limit alert
linkedinlimitsnooze behaviour days to snooze invites when the limit has been detected
manageddownload advanced change technical mechanism of downloading data
maxenrolls behaviour maximum number of profiles to enroll in a batch
maxinvites behaviour maximum number of invites to send per day
maxmessages behaviour maximum number of direct messages to send per day
maxpageloadtime operation time to wait before attempting to recognize a page
maxvisits behaviour maximum number of visits per day
messagebridgeflag operation enable regular processing of new connections and messages
messagebridgeinterval operation time between checks
minimisedstools ui minimise the Dux-Tricks widgets
pageinitdelay operation time to wait before processing a LinkedIn page
pauseoninviteerror behaviour enable the detection of LinkedIn invite limit warning
previsitdialog ui display the dialog box before auto-visiting
randomrange behaviour enable randomizing of limits
remotecontrolflag operation allow the extension to retrieve scheduled activity from the queue
resumedelayoninviteerror behaviour number of days to stop sending invites after detecting an invite error
robotscheduleplan behaviour configure the timeslots during which time the robot is allowed to run
runautomationsonmanualvisits advanced run the configured automations when manually visiting profiles
scanthrottletime behaviour time in milliseconds to wait between scanning actions
sendinmailbody automation InMail body text
sendinmailflag automation send automated InMails when auto-visiting
sendinmailsubject automation InMail subject line
skip3plus exclusion skip out-of-network profiles
skipcustomflag exclusion skip profiles using a regex against the html
skipcustomvalue exclusion skip profiles matching this regex in the html
skipdays exclusion number of days to wait before a profile is visit again.
skipincrm exclusion skip profiles not found in the connected CRM
skipnoimage exclusion skip profiles without a photo
skipnoinfluencer exclusion skip profiles that are not marked Influencer
skipnojobseeker exclusion skip profiles that are not marked #OPENTOWORK
skipnolion exclusion skip profiles that are not marked as LinkedIn Open Network
skipnoname exclusion skip profiles without a name
skipnopremium exclusion skip profiles that are not paying LinkedIn users
skiptaggedflag exclusion description
skiptaggedvalue exclusion skip profiles with these tags
throttletime behaviour time in milliseconds to wait between automated actions
uselocalstorage operation record captured profile data in the browser's local storage
waitminutes behaviour minutes to pause after the 'waitvisits' count has been reached
waitvisits behaviour number of profiles to visit before pausing ( 0 to disable )
warningnotifications ui display warning notifications
webhookprofileflag operation enable webhooks
webhooks operation array of webhook configurations