Dux-Soup Turbo: Throttling tab

The Throttling tab, located in the Dux-Soup Turbo Expert Options, enables you to personalize your daily limits, control the speed of Dux-Soup, and manage Dux-Soup's reaction to the LinkedIn invitation limit.

Robot Speed

You can select the visit speed from slowest, slower, slow, medium, fast, and random.

The scanning speed setting will let you choose slow, medium, fast and turbo speed.

You can also pause Dux-Soup for some time after a certain amount of auto-visits.

LinkedIn Invitation Limit

You can increase or decrease the number of days for Dux-Soup to snooze after reaching the LinkedIn invitation limit.

Daily limits

You can set the maximum number of profile visits, connection requests, and direct messages that Dux-Soup will send per day.

You can also apply a random correction to the daily limit and/or snooze the robot when one of the daily limits is reached, or as dictated by the Planner.

Recommended daily limits