Types of campaigns you can run with Dux-Soup

There are four types of campaigns you can set up and run with Dux-Soup:

  • Preconnect (for 2nd+ degree prospects)
  • Postconnect (for 1st-degree prospects)
  • Connect (can be run on mixed degree prospect lists)
  • Visit (can be run on mixed degree prospect lists)

Please note that drip campaigns are only available in Turbo and Cloud editions.

Preconnect Campaign

The Preconnect campaign only contains 'unconnected' actions and supports 2nd+ degree profiles, including

  • Visit
  • InMail
  • Follow

Postconnect Campaign

Only contains 'connected' actions and supports 1st-degree profiles, including:

  • Visit
  • Message
  • Endorse

Connect Campaign

The Connect campaign can include all available actions and supports all profiles.

The following restrictions apply when setting up the drip sequence:

  • InMails can only be set before the connection request.
  • Follow-ups and Endorsements are restricted from being scheduled before connection requests.

Visit Campaign

The Visit campaign including visit actions only supports all profiles.

Important information:

  • If you receive an error 'Invalid sequence' when saving the campaign, it means your campaign either is missing the necessary action or has certain actions that need to be removed.
  • An error displayed in the Activity Log saying 'profiles are not supported by the target campaign' means you have enrolled profiles into the campaign which doesn't have valid LinkedIn actions. For example, you have enrolled a 1st-degree profile in a Preconnect campaign.