Where can I change/update my card details?

Please select how you purchased your subscription.

Purchased via the Chrome Web Store

To update your payment details, please head to your Google Payments Account where you will be able to add a new credit card.

1. Click on the Payment Methods


2. Add a New Payment Method

You need to make sure that you are logged in with the same email address that you have used to set up your Dux-Soup subscription.

Purchased via Dux-Soup.com

To update the payment details of your Dux-Soup subscription, log in to your Dux-Soup account via https://app.dux-soup.com/web/profile .

Then, go to "Manage Account & Subscription" .

Here, click on your Dux-Soup Subscription 

Click "Payment Methods" .

Now you will be able to update the credit card details.

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