Target LinkedIn

You can set up the target LinkedIn account on the Drip Campaigns page.

The "target" feature allows users to specify the type of LinkedIn account where drip campaign actions should be executed. This can include Regular LinkedIn (free), Sales Navigator and Recruiter.

For example, users can enroll profiles in Sales Navigator but run the campaign in Regular LinkedIn and vice versa.


If your campaign starts from the connection request, Dux-Soup will consider the target configuration only if the “Enroll Profiles” option is used. If “Visit & Connect” is used instead of “Enroll Profiles”, Dux-Soup won’t change the LinkedIn account for the connection request.

Actions that are not possible to execute on the target LinkedIn will be attempted to run on a dedicated platform. For example, when the target LinkedIn is selected as Sales Navigator but the drip campaign contains a Follow or Endorse action, Dux-Soup will use Regular LinkedIn to complete these actions.

If profiles are enrolled from the LinekdIn account that is different from the target account set on the Drip Campaigns page, Dux-Soup will schedule the “enroll” command before the first action. This command will appear on Dux-Soup’s Queued Activity page. The enroll command will visit the profile to generate an accurate profile URL for the target campaign.