How to enroll profiles on a drip campaign from a file

You can enroll profiles in a drip campaign by uploading a text or CSV file to the Dux-Dash Funnel Flow page. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the Funnel.

Dux-Soup supports 2 types of files that have the following data:

  1. Plain text file with 1 LinkedIn profile URL per line.


  1. CSV file with the following headings:
    1. id
    2. Profile
    3. Degree

In the first case, the enroll action is scheduled before the first campaign action to ensure that enrolled profiles receive a correct set of actions. Whereas in the second case, the first degree-relevant action of the campaign is scheduled immediately.

Your file must contain full LinkedIn profile URLs (for example,

Dux-Soup will open a pop-up window dialogue and prompt you to choose the drip campaign from a drop-down list. You will then need to select the campaign and click on the 'Enroll' button.

Shortly after, you will receive a report of the profiles added to the campaign.

✅ If you see a green checkmark, profiles were enrolled immediately. This scenario is possible when you upload a downloaded visit data file because a valid profile ID is present, and the degree of the profile is available.

🕓 When you upload other files containing LinkedIn URLs, the enroll action will be scheduled before all drip campaign actions to ensure the correct execution.

❌ If you see a red cross mark, it means Dux-Soup didn't enroll profiles for a specific reason listed below the mark. For example, this could happen because some profiles were previously enrolled in the same campaign.