How to copy profiles from one campaign to another

You can copy LinkedIn profile URLs from a Google Sheet, Notepad, or existing Drip Campaign and enroll these profiles in a different campaign via Dux-Dash, Funnel Flow:

You should separate URLs with commas, or list them in a column if you are copying from a text file or Notepad.

To enroll the same list of profiles from one campaign to another, select the campaign from a drop-down:

Afterwards, choose ‘Copy All’ to select all enrolled profiles, or choose ‘Copy’ and then select the Funnel section from which you want to retrieve the profile lists, such as the ‘responded profiles’, for example.

Then, simply click on the ‘Enroll from clipboard’ button, paste  and select  the target campaign:

Dux-Soup will schedule the enroll action in the Queued Activity first and it will dequeue the enrolled activity according to your daily limits set.