How to enroll profiles on a drip campaign from a file

You can enroll profiles in a drip campaign by uploading a CSV file to the Dux-Dash Funnel Flow page.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file into the Funnel.

Your file must contain full LinkedIn profile URLs (for example As well as the column containing LinkedIn profile URLs should be named 'Profile'.

Dux-Soup will open a pop-up window dialogue and prompt you to choose the drip campaign from a drop-down list. You will then need to select the campaign and click on the 'Enroll' button.

Shortly after, you will receive a report of the profiles added to the campaign.

✅ If you see a green checkmark, profiles were enrolled immediately. This scenario is possible when you upload a downloaded visit data file because a valid profile ID is present, and the degree of the profile is available.

🕓 When you upload other files containing LinkedIn URLs, the enroll action will be scheduled before all drip campaign actions to ensure the correct execution.

❌ If you see a red cross mark, it means Dux-Soup didn't enroll profiles for a specific reason listed below the mark. For example, this could happen because some profiles were previously enrolled in the same campaign.