How can I contact people who liked my posts?

To find who liked your posts, look below it and you will see the number of likes: 

Then, click on the number and you will get a list of people like the one in the example below:

When you open the list of people who liked your post, Dux-Soup icon will turn green and you get a pop up saying “At your service”- this means that Dux is ready to work and start contacting these leads. 

To message people who liked your post, you need to enable the function to send them a message on Dux-Soup. To enable and personalise your message, go to Dux-Soup Options and tick both boxes as per the example below:

Is your message ready? Good, now close the Options window. From here, click on “Visit Profiles” from Dux-Soup menu and you will see it start working and contacting the people who liked your post.