Other Browsers

The Freerange version of Dux-Soup, see this article, can be installed on other browser than Chrome. So far we have had success with the following browsers:

To install just drop the crx file from https://download.dux-soup.com/latest/freerange-dux-soup.crx onto chrome://extensions. If this doesn't work , please download the zip file instead via https://download.dux-soup.com/latest/freerange-dux-soup.zip . Before installing you need to unzip the file, then enable "developer mode" in your browser and select "load unpacked" ( Microsoft Edge Beta requires this ).

Here are some screenshots of The Dux in action in their new environments:



Microsoft Edge Beta


We have only done basic testing with these browser, so if you're experiencing any critical bugs please revert to using Google Chrome. 

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