Freerange Dux-Soup

Due to delays in the review process of the Chrome Web Store, causing our release cycle to be increased by a working week, we offer a Freerange Dux-Soup. This version of Dux-Soup is identical to the version published in the Web Store but has the benefit of receiving all updates as soon as we release them. This version has one restriction, it doesn't support auto-updating in Chrome

You can find the list of browsers that support the freerange version here.

To install, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: download the extension via these links. Please make sure to right-click & 'save as' (!), 

Step 2: install:

1. In Chrome, Click on the Jigsaw icon > Manage Extensions

2. Enable Developer Mode ( toggle button in the top-right corner )

3. Drag and drop the ‘.crx’ or '.zip' extension file onto the Extensions page from step 1 ( file should be in your Downloads directory, but it is possible to drag the icon from the Chrome download bar too ), and select "Add extension".

That's all. All future updates of the .crx file will be automatically installed when we release them. However, the .zip file requires manual updating using these same steps. 

Important Notes

  • Upon installation of Freerange Dux-Soup your current Dux-Soup will automatically be disabled. It's crucial not to have the 2 extensions active at the same time.
  • If you want to go back to using the regular Dux-Soup, just disable Freerange and enable regular Dux-Soup in chrome://extensions.