Pipedrive CRM + Turbo functions

You can access Pipedrive CRM integration via Dux-Dash and only if you have Dux-Soup Turbo:


Once you install Pipedrive connector and you can enable these options:

Create Activities for inbound LinkedIn messages - transfer messages to your Pipedrive CRM.

Create Activities for new LinkedIn connections - transfer data to your CRM once a connection is made.

Update Contact after connecting - Dux-Soup updates contacts with relevant information once they become your 1st-degree connections

You can also select one of these filters:

Do not create & update People from profile views - Dux-Soup will not add prospects to your CRM when you are visiting profiles.

Create & update People from connected profiles - Dux-Soup will collect data and update your CRM with 1st-degree connections only.

Create & update People from tagged profiles - you can select from a list of your tags, what tags (tagged profiles) should be worked on:

Create & update People from all profile views - Dux-Soup will add all prospects to your CRM when you use Visit Profile or Visit & Connect functions.

You can also set up activities through your Pipedrive account like messaging, updating contact information and sending a connection request: