Enrolling prospects into multiple campaigns

Enrolling in Multiple Campaigns

You can enrol 1st, 2nd and 3rd-degree connections to drip campaigns. You can also assign different campaigns to users that have already been added to a campaign in the past.

All you need to do is to open a list of prospects that need to be enrolled, go to the widget, select which campaign you want to use and click on the Enroll button:

You will see a duck symbol next to the prospects name on the widget to indicate that they are already enrolled in a campaign, an asterisk next to a campaign name will indicate that this campaign had been used for this prospect:

Profiles can be enrolled into multiple campaigns using the widget or the API


When using the Dux-Soup Widget to enrol, clicking on the "enroll" button will do 1 of 2 things, depending on the connection degree of the target:

-For 1st-degree profiles: it will put the profile into the "engage" phase of the campaign and schedule all follow-ups at once. 

-For 2nd+ degree profiles: it will put the profile into the "connect" phase of the campaign and schedule the connection request of the campaign. 


When using the API to enrol profiles it is important to realise that the API will schedule the "enroll" action. So, after completion of the API call, an enroll action can be found in the queue. As the enroll action requires a profile visit, Dux-Soup will throttle this action in the same way as visits. Upon execution, the semantics of the enroll action is the same as enrolling using the widget.

Please consider this when enrolling:

2nd & 3rd-degree connection

When enrolling a 2nd or 3rd-degree profile into a 2nd campaign before an invitation has been accepted, then only the follow-ups of the most recently enrolled campaign will be scheduled when the target accepts the connection requests. 

We can distinguish the following time-sensitive scenarios

-1st request has not yet been sent: In this case, the previously scheduled connection request will be removed from the queue and replaced with a new connection request from the 2nd campaign.

-1st request has been sent: In this case, no connection request will be scheduled for the 2nd campaign.

1st-degree connections

When enrolling a 1st-degree profile in a 2nd campaign, after an invitation has been accepted, the follow-ups of the 2nd campaign will be scheduled upon enrolling, and any follow-ups in the queue of the 1st campaign will remain in the queue.

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