How to setup an InMail campaign for Open profiles with Dux-Soup Turbo

You can access the Dux-Soup Turbo campaign setup page via the Dux-Dash, Drip Campaigns page.

To create an InMail campaign template, click on the “New campaign” button. Then, click on + below the Connection Request message box, you will see the InMail option:

Once you click on the InMail option, Dux-Soup will create the InMail message box where you can add the InMail subject line and the body. 

To add more campaign actions, click on + again.

Note: Connection requests cannot be removed from the campaign template. If you don’t want to send a connection request after the InMail, you can set a longer delay that will allow you enough time to delete all scheduled connection requests on the Queued Activity page.

After you have finished the campaign setup, you need to set Dux-Soup to skip profiles that are not Open. To do that, click on the Dux-Soup icon at the top-right corner of the browser’s toolbar and select the gearbox:

Toggle the option to “Skip if not OpenLink member" in the next step:

Now, you need to create a LinekdIn search, apply the required filters and enroll profiles on a campaign. Find detailed steps on how to start the campaign you pre-set in this article.

You are typically allocated around 800 OpenLink InMails per month.