Once a profile is blacklisted Dux-Soup will do the following:

  1. The robot will skip the profile automatically when auto-visiting.
  2. The robot will be blocked from executing any configured automated actions when manually visiting profiles, with automations enabled.
  3. The Remote Control will ignore any command on the profile and will emit an 'ignored' event.

Manual Blacklisting

To manually blacklist a profile simply tag the target profile as 'blacklisted'. This can be done using manual, or automatic, tagging in Dux-Soup. 

Automatic Blacklisting

Automatic blacklisting is enabled whenever the Message Bridge is active. With the Message Bridge active, any profile that sends you a message that is processed by the Message Bridge will be blacklisted. 

Blacklisting via Funnel Flow

When managing prospects in your Funnel Flow, you can blacklist people via your dashboard by pressing a Qualify In or Qualify Out button:

This will remove users from your selected campaign. Qualified In and Out profiles can still be added to other campaigns.