Dux-Soup Dashboard (Dux-Dash) Explained

Dux-Soup Dashboard is a supportive web application for the Turbo edition that all users can access.

You can access Dux-Dash either by visiting https://app.dux-soup.com/web/dux-profile or by selecting it from the dropdown menu of the extension.

The layout you see will depend on which Dux-Soup plan you have, whether it is Starter, Pro, or Turbo.

Within the Dux-Dash, all users can see their account details and access the Dux-Soup subscription in the Your Profile section. 

Pro and Turbo users can access Dux-Soup's past activity in the Activity Log and purchase email lookup points at Dux-Store

Turbo users can also do the following:

-set up multiple follow-up campaigns in the Drip Campaigns section.

-see and export the campaign’s progress in the Funnel Flow section.

-manage and engage with tagged profiles in the Tag Tool section.

-track upcoming and queued Dux-Soup actions in the Queued Activity section.

-connect Dux-Soup to the supported CRM in CRM Connections section.

All users have a Logout option located at the bottom-left corner of Dux-Dash:

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