Dux-Soup Dashboard (Dux-Dash) Explained

You can access Dux-Dash via the bottom-right corner of Dux-Soup drop-down menu:

You will be taken to a log in page where you will need to log in with the email linked with your Dux-Soup:

You then will be able to access these seven options:

Option 1 - Shows what email you are logged in with (Pro and Turbo).

Option 2 - Funnel Stats where you can track your prospect activity (Turbo):

You can track sent connections, accepted connections, follow-ups sent and prospects that have responded to you by clicking on one of the numbers in the preferred column:

Option 3 -  In Queued Automations you can inspect and remove Remote Control Commands currently waiting in the queue, like follow-ups or other pending actions (Turbo).

Option 4 - Automation History is where you can check action time, profile, action and if it was successful or not (Pro and Turbo).

You can also check more detailed information on what was sent or why one of the actions failed by clicking this option: 

Option 5 - CRM Connections show the CRM linked with your Dux-Soup (Turbo). Currently only available for Pipedrive.

Once installed and enabled you can use these three options:

- Use Visit Profile function on a list of prospects to add them to your Pipedrive.

- Set up activities through your Pipedrive account like messaging, contact updates and sending a connection request:

- This function automatically adds new connections to Pipedrive when your connection request has been accepted by your prospects.

Option 6 - Dux-Store is where you can buy Dux-Soup Points (Pro and Turbo).

Option 7 - You can log out of your Dux-Soup (Pro and Turbo).

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