Qualify IN / OUT in Funnel Flow

Turbo users can Qualify IN and Qualify OUT prospects from a specific campaign or all campaigns at once in the Dux-Dash Funnel Flow.

Qualify IN

Qualify IN is used to remove prospects from your drip campaign. We recommend using this option when you wish to move your conversation outside of automated messaging. You can still Enroll these prospects to a different campaign. 

You can see your Qualified IN prospects in the Qualified column.

Qualify OUT

You can Qualify OUT users who do not wish to receive any further communication from you. They will not be able to receive any messages from the same campaign after you Qualify OUT.

Check Blacklisting to remove users from any future communications.

They will be removed from your Funnel Flow and you can access these profiles by clicking on the Bin icon.

!Please note you can still add profiles that you have Qualified OUT back to the same campaign [CONTINUE], Qualify IN, move them to a new campaign [SWITCH] or unenroll.