Can I manage multiple Dux-Soup accounts?

Option 1:

One of the ways to manage multiple Dux-Soup subscriptions is to purchase every subscription separately and switch between Chrome accounts. 

1. Click the Chrome account symbol at the right end of the browser address bar

2. Go to "Manage People"

4. Click “Add person” on the right side of the page

5. Choose the name for the new user and click “Add”

A new window will pop up prompting you to log into a Chrome account  with your new email.

That’s it — you’ve created a separate Dux-Soup account and a separate Chrome space for your client.

Option 2:

Alternatively, we offer the team license package which means that you will be set up as an admin and will have the ability to add, remove or re-assign the seats to your team members. More information on team licenses here.