Integromat: How to trigger Remote Control actions?

You can link your Dux-Soup Turbo Remote Control with Integromat by following these steps:

Create a new Scenario:

Select Dux-Soup and press continue (top right)

From the Module screen press the Dux-Soup module and select the Watch Events option (creating a webhook)

Add a webhook and give it a Label and save it:

This will create you a unique webhook URL which you can copy and paste into you Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab under webhooks:

As we are only interested in New Connections, we are only interested in Message Events in this instance.

Right-click on the Dux-Soup module and press the Run this module only option (to listen for sample data):

Send your sample data from the Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab under the appropriate webhook link and some sample data will arrive:

Now, as you can see from the above, this first sample is of MEMBER_TO_MEMBER type, and we are not interested in that - we want new connection notifications.

So right-click on the Dux-Soup module again and once again Run this module only and when you get the option, press on Process existing:

This will process other data that is in the queue and your new sample data will be of the correct type: i.e. INVITATION_ACCEPT

We now need to add a 2nd Dux-Soup module, so press the + button to add another module:

Select Dux-Soup and this time press the Visit Profile option:

Add your Dux-Soup Remote Control credentials - as found at the bottom of your Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab to make sure that your Dux-Soup account is linked to your Integromat account. Then select the Data: From field to instruct Integromat where to find the appropriate URL of your new connection.

Press OK, and now you will need to add a filter to only process new connections. 

Between the 2 modules, press on the spanner and Set up a filter:

Give the filter an appropriate Label, and configure it as shown below - i.e. only processing new connections

Make sure you Name your Scenario (top left) and save it (bottom left) before you enable it.

As long as the Message Bridge and the Remote Control are enabled in your Dux-Soup Options, you will now be triggering auto-visits to your new 1st degree connections, as and when they are recognised by the Message Bridge.