How to run multiple concurrent Drip Campaigns

Firstly, make sure you’ve updated your Dux-Soup to the latest version of Dux-Soup Turbo – here’s how

You can access the multi drip campaigns menu via the Dux-Dash - Drip Campaigns.

Here you will be able to create new campaigns that can run concurrently and update existing ones:

The Default campaign is the campaign that you had set up before we introduced the multiple drip campaign option.

You can create a New Campaign by pressing this button:

You will be asked to provide the campaign name which in turn will create a specific tag (campaign ID) that Dux-Soup will be adding as a tag on the prospect's profile. You will be asked to add your connection message and can then add up to 12 follow-up messages in your sequence, with delays. Please note that you are not required to add a connection request message, this can be left blank if you do not wish to send a connection request that contains an introduction message.

After you have set-up your campaign, you will need to save it:

Once you have saved your campaign, you will need to click on your Dux-Soup icon in your browser, go to the Options, Actions tab and scroll down to the Automated Follow-up Message option.

You will then be able to select the following:

Once you select which campaign you wish to use, turn on your follow-up function, go to a list of prospects you wish to interact with on LinkedIn and click on the Visit & Connect button to start Dux-Soup.

Your follow-ups will now be scheduled and linked with the prospects that you have sent connection requests to.

If you wish to change your campaign, go to Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab again and switch between the saved campaigns.

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