Visit Profiles button

The Visit Profiles button is available in Expert UI only, Regular UI does not have this option.

The Visit Profiles button activates functions listed in the Actions and Skipping tabs (found in Dux-Soup Options).

Actions tab

(Please note that the Follow-Up function is available with Turbo only)

Skipping tab

You can run the Visit Profile function on LinkedIn prospect lists and if you upload a CSV file with a list of prospects to the Dux-Soup Revisit Data tool.

To start visiting profiles, you can click on the Dux-Soup icon in your browser and choose "Search" from the menu. You will be taken to your LinkedIn page:

Or follow the link directly to set up your LinkedIn search

Select the filters on LinkedIn and you will end up with the final list of profiles you can target.

You can run Dux-Soup on searches done on any LinkedIn account type (free and paid LinkedIn accounts). 

To start visiting or to activate your preferred action that you have set up in Dux-Soup Options, click on Dux-Soup and choose "Visit profiles" 

That's it! The robot will start working and visiting every profile on the search list. 

Watch this short video tutorial on how to Search and Visit.