Revisit Data button

The Revisit Data Tool is available for Dux-Soup Expert UI users only. This button is not available for Regular UI users.

If you have a CSV file downloaded from Dux-Soup or from elsewhere, you can use it with the Revisit Data tool to run Dux-Soup actions on that custom list.

In order to upload a list of profiles to Dux-Soup "Revisit Data", you need to make sure the file format is correct. 

Your document must be in a CSV format and contain the following columns:

For actions that do not require skipping functions - 3 columns (case sensitive) 

  1. Profile (this is the LinkedIn URL)
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name

Please see an example here:

For actions that   require skipping functions - 4 columns (case sensitive)

  1. id (this is a LinkedIn ID number collected by Dux-Soup)
  2. Profile (this is the LinkedIn URL)
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name

Please see an example here:

You can have more columns on your document, it will not affect the revisiting. Just make sure that these 3 or 4 columns are present on your CSV.

Then, save the document as a CSV and upload it to "Revisit Data", the uploaded file should look like this:

You can run all Dux-Soup actions on the uploaded list including Enroll, Visit Profile and Visit & Connect.

! If you don’t have the first or last names you can use dummy values, e.g. ‘-’ . Just make sure the columns have some data.

Watch a short video tutorial on how to revisit data.