Regular/Simplified User Interface

A new simplified Dux-Soup User Interface is available for users who are running Dux-Soup version 8.6.0 and older.

All new users who will download Dux-Soup in March 2023, will see the simplified version of the Dux-Soup interface.

All Dux-Soup users can switch between Regular/Simplified and Expert UI in Dux-Soup Options, User tab:

Free/Starter Dux-Soup

Idle mode

Ready-to-run mode

14-day Turbo trial & Paid Turbo account

Idle mode

Ready-to-run mode

Enroll profiles by selecting the preferred campaign:

Set up drip campaigns in Dux-Dash:

You can also access your Dux-Soup Options here:

Skipping options:


User tab:


Idle mode

Ready-to-run mode


To send connection requests, filter your LinkedIn prospect list and click on the Connect button.

Enter the message or leave it blank and click OK to start the robot (the message saves automatically).


To send direct messages, filter your 1st-degree connection list on LinkedIn and click on the Message button.

Enter the message that you wish to send (the message saves automatically for future messaging).


The Scan button allows you to collect basic data from the list of your LinkedIn prospects.


The Stop button allows you to stop Dux-Soup Connect, Message and Scan functions.

Download Scanned and Visited profiles (visited profiles are the profiles that Dux-Soup visits during connection and messaging processes). 

Delete recorded data:


Skipping tab:


User tab: