Extension Control API


The Extension Control API is aimed at super-users who manage the LinkedIn outreach of multiple accounts. It enables the triggering of set of user interface functions. With this you can e.g. trigger the extension to reload its configuration.

Extension Control Signals

Extension Control signals are triggers for the extension to perform an action which is commonly executed via user interaction. If the extension of the target account is not currently connected then a signal will wait for up to 1 minute after which it is discarded. 

Please note that Extension Control signals will be delivered even if the Remote Control has been disabled by the user. These signals are not influenced by the planner- or throttling configuration.

The Extension Control API supports the following signals:

Extension Reload

Force the extension to restart and reload its configuration. This will interrupt and stop any ongoing automations


signal "extensionReload"

Bridge Check

Force the message bridge to check for new messages or connection. 


signal "bridgeCheck"
params {
  boxname Name of the Message box to check. Possible values are : "regularinbox", "salesnavinbox" and "connections" ( mandatory, String )
  daysback Start checking for messages from this number of days in the past (optional , Number)


Data Reset

Clear the captured profile data that is stored in the browser. 


signal "dataReset"