How many InMails I can send to OpenLink profiles with Dux-Soup?

You are typically allocated to send around 800 OpenLink InMails per month. These InMails can be sent to LinkedIn users who have set their profile to Open profile status.

What is an OpenLink profile?

An OpenLink profile on LinkedIn indicates that a user is open to receiving messages from any LinkedIn member, regardless of their connection status. It is a LinkedIn feature that allows professionals to expand their network and receive relevant business opportunities.

What happens if I exhaust my free InMails?

If you have used up all of your allocated free InMails for the month, you will have the option to purchase additional InMails as part of LinkedIn's premium offerings. These InMails come at an additional cost and are subject to the terms and pricing of your LinkedIn subscription plan.

Note: Dux-Soup cannot detect if you have reached your InMail limit.