Cloud Dux - exploring the extension

With Cloud Dux, your Dux-Soup extension options will look different to how they do with a Turbo Dux license. That’s because it’s adapted to suit the fact that all Dux-Soup activities are run from the cloud.

Let’s explore the Cloud Dux extension options. You can access these by clicking on the icon in the top right of your extension.

Switch to ‘expert’ mode in the “User” tab to see your full options menu

Now, let’s take you through your tabs.

Actions Tab

Your actions tab now has a lot fewer actions available, because actions are created as part of your drip campaigns.

You can choose to cancel connection invitations after a set number of days here, and clean up profile names too:

Skipping Tab

All skipping options are available with Cloud Dux except for the history skipper option, which is not relevant with Cloud Dux.

Throttling Tab

In the Cloud Dux Throttling tab, you can still set your daily automation limits.

You can’t change the speed of the Dux-Soup robot. This is handled by our cloud environment, with the robot speed being set to random by default.

Connect Tab

In the Cloud Dux Connect tab, you have the Webhook settings, but you don’t have the option to disable the message bridge or remote control features.

Planner and User Tabs

These tabs remain the same as the Turbo options tabs.

Browser Tab

The Cloud Dux Browser tab shows your display options only. 

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you, giving you access to only the options you need to control from the extension.