I got an error message “Unknown page detected, stopping robot”, what should I do?

There are a few troubleshooting steps that you need to try to fix the issue:

Option 1

Make sure you are using our latest Dux-Soup version. You can check it by going to Chrome extensions: chrome://extensions/ and update there if needed. To manually update the extension, enable the developer mode on the right side of the page:

Then, find Dux-Soup extension and click on "Details"

Click "Update" at the top to manually update the extension 

Option 2

If you are up to date, reload Dux-Soup by going to Options > User > Reload configuration 

Option 3

Go to the Options > Browser and tick the box "Ignore unknown pages" under Browser Performance 


Option 4

Try setting the following flags to DISABLED on Chrome. 
First, open a new tab and enter chrome://flags/

In the search field, type in the names of the flags and click next to them to disable. 
The flags that need to be disabled are:

1) Throttle expensive background timers

2) Stop  non-timer  task queues background

3) Enable resource load throttling

Then, reboot your Chrome browser so that it catches the changes and try using Dux-Soup again 

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