How to use X-Ray tool?

To access the X-Ray feature, open a new tab on Chrome and click on Dux-Soup icon and click on ‘X-RAY’ button:

You will be taken to a new window that will look like this:

Here, you have the option to enter your target job role and location. Let’s put it into action and see how it works. For example, we will be looking for “Marketing Managers” in California so we entered the keywords and clicked on “Search”. Google search returned over 2,000,000 results,

You can also add a boolean search string and instead of looking for “Marketing Managers” only, you can add more job roles. In the example below, we have searched for “Marketing Manager” OR “Marketing Director” in California

Now that you have all these results, you can either visit profiles, scan them or send a personalised connection message. 

Important things to remember

  1. When using X-Ray, the skipping options will not work. That is, if you selected “Never visit the same profile again” under History Skipper, this will not apply for X-Ray searches.
  2. You can use both “Visit Profiles” and “Scan Profiles” with an X-Ray search.
  3. On X-Ray, you are limited to 100 unique profile visits per day when using the free version of LinkedIn, and 250 for premium users. This equals to 10 and 25 Google search pages respectively