I want to contact decision makers in my industry, how does Dux-Soup help me ?

  • Open your LinkedIn and start a search 

  • Select relevant filters for your target market. if you click on "All filters", you will be able to specify the job role and the industry. To target decision-makers, it is advised to use a boolean search. You'd need to use the OR separator and make sure that each keyword is in brackets. Try this suggested option and enter it under the title field: "CEO" OR "Director" OR "President" OR "Executive Director" , it should look like this: 

  • Select your industry under the "Industry" field on LinkedIn 

  • Then click "Apply" and you will get the results based on your criteria. 

  • To connect with these decision-makers, you need to enable this function on Dux-Soup. Go to Options and enable the option as shown in the example below to send the connection requests to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections: 

  • Type in your preferred message and then you can close the Options window. 
  • Return to your LinkedIn and click on "Visit Profiles" 

  • Dux-Soup will run and visit these profiles one by one and send them your connection request.