Corrupted Extension

The latest version of Kasperski on Windows is causing a corruption issue with Dux-Soup. By adding Dux-Soup to be excluded from the virus scanner, you can stop this from happening.

0. Find out where Chrome stores the extension on your setup. Open a new tab in Chrome and point it to chrome://version. Find the "Profile Path" and make a note of it.

1. Open Kaspersky by selecting the Total Security icon :

2. Open the Settings using the cogwheel:

3. Open the Additional Settings, and select the "Threats and Exclusions": 

4. Open the Exclusion Manager by clicking 'Manage Exclusions"

5. Add an Exclusion

Add the following folder name. Make sure it matches the value you found in step 0 : the Profile Path. Simply copy , paste and edit to match before clicking 'add' 


IMPORTANT: This needs to match the Profile Path, appended with Extensions\ppdakpfeaodfophjplfdedpcodkdkbal  . 

6. Confirm the dialogs asking if you want to make changes!

7. Close all Kaspersky windows ( optional, just tidying up! )

8. Reinstall the Dux-Soup Extension

If the current installation has been corrupted you will need to remove it in chome://extensions and reinstall via

That's all!