Common Follow-up Questions

Here is a list of common questions we are receiving concerning the Auto Followup feature, with their answers:

1. Why are messages being sent to people who have responded?

Dux-Soup will automatically blacklist people who respond to your messages. However, this does rely on Dux-Soup being able to process these inbound messages. In the case when you manually read one of these messages, you need to make sure to mark it 'unread' to ensure Dux-Soup will process these and blacklist the target profiles. Alternately you can manually blacklist these profiles as described here.

2. Why are messages being sent sooner than configured.

When setting up auto followup it's crucial to first configure all messages before toggling the switch. 

As all follow-up messages to a connection are scheduled immediately when this new connection is detected by Dux-Soup, changing the message & delay settings after enabling auto followups will not have any effect on already scheduled followups.

3. Why don't I see the messages in my 'outbox' ?

a) Make sure you check the regular LinkedIn message app, as this is the one that is used by Dux-Soup. You can access this via this link .

b) Dux-Soup will schedule the messages to be sent in accordance to the throttle and planner settings. So if you have already hit the daily limit, Dux-Soup will wait until tomorrow before it will send the follow ups. 

c) When you first enable 'Automated Followup Messages' in the options panel,  Dux-Soup will automatically enable 2 features that are required for this. These two features can be found on the Connect options tab : Message Bridge and Remote Control. Make sure these options are still enabled, or the messages will not be sent:

d) Make sure Dux-Soup is enabled for new tabs, so leave this option unchecked:

4. Why is Dux-Soup opening tabs in the background?

This is the Remote Control opening a tab to send a followup message. You can check the number of outstanding followup messages via . Just select "size of the queue" and fill out the userid and security key as found in Dux-Soup options -> connect

5. How can I see if any follow-up messages have been scheduled?

You can check your queue via the Dux-Dash ( or via .

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