Common Follow-up Questions

Here is a list of common questions we are receiving concerning the Auto Followup feature, with their answers:

1. Why are messages being sent to people who have responded?

a) Dux-Soup will automatically blacklist people who respond to your messages. However, you need to make sure that this option is turned ON in Dux-Soup Options, Actions tab:

You can also manually blacklist profiles as described here, if you do not wish for certain profiles to be added to a follow-up queue. 

b) You have archived messages and Dux-Soup cannot find a reply to blacklist profiles. Do not archive messages to avoid this.

2. Why are messages being sent sooner than configured.

When setting up auto follow-ups it's crucial to first configure all messages and delays correctly before turning on the follow-up function. 

As all follow-up messages to a connection are scheduled immediately when this new connection is detected by Dux-Soup, changing the message & delay settings after enabling auto followups will not have any effect on already scheduled followups.

3. Why don't I see the messages in my 'outbox'?

a) Make sure you check the regular LinkedIn message app, as this is the one that is used by Dux-Soup. You can access this via this link .

b) Dux-Soup will schedule the messages to be sent in accordance with the throttle and planner settings. So if you have already hit the daily limit, Dux-Soup will wait until tomorrow before it will send the follow-ups. 

c) When you first enable 'Automated Followup Messages' in the options panel,  Dux-Soup will automatically enable 2 features that are required for this. These two features can be found on the Connect options tab: Message Bridge and Remote Control. Make sure these options are still enabled, or the messages will not be sent:

4. Why is Dux-Soup opening tabs in the background?

This is the Remote Control opening a tab to send a follow-up message. You can check the number of outstanding follow-up messages via Dux-Dash:

5. How can I see if any follow-up messages have been scheduled?

You can check your queue via the Dux-Dash ( or via

6. Why can I see profiles in the queue even though they have responded to my follow-ups?

When a prospect responds, they are being blacklisted by Dux-Soup. Then a visit is carried out and the message is either sent or not - depending on the blacklisted status. You will see all the queued follow-up messages in the queue, but they will not be sent if a profile has responded to one of your messages and has been blacklisted.