Common Drip Campaign Questions

Here is a list of common questions we are receiving concerning the Drip Campaigns feature, with their answers:

1. Why drip campaign actions are held up in the queue?

There are a few reasons why drip campaign actions are held up in the queue:

  • Your campaign is disabled in Drip Campaigns.
  • Your Planner is currently set to pause Dux-Soup.
  • Dux-Soup has reached the daily limit. You can learn about Dux-Soup default daily limits and speed in this article.
  • You don’t turn off your computer daily. In this case, you need to reload Dux-Soup

Find more information about drip campaign delays in this article.

2. Why Dux-Soup is opening tabs in the background?

This is the Remote Control opening a tab to send a follow-up message. You can check the number of outstanding follow-up messages via Dux-Dash:

3. How can I see if any follow-up messages have been scheduled?

You can check your queue via the Dux-Dash (

4. Why can I see profiles in the queue even though they have responded to my follow-ups?

When a prospect responds, they are blacklisted by Dux-Soup. Then a visit is carried out and the message is either sent or not - depending on the blacklisted status. You will see all the queued drip campaign actions in the queue, but they will not be executed if a profile has responded to one of your messages and has been blacklisted.