Delays: Follow-ups and queued actions

When configuring automated follow-ups in Dux-Soup you can set the minimum delay per message. 

Please note that the delay is measured according to these rules:

For 2nd and 3rd-degree connections  - from the moment Dux-Soup detects a new connection. 

For 1st-degree connections - from when you Enroll the prospect to your campaign.

The actual delay of the message will be different, and always longer, than the minimum delay. 

You can find more information on how to set up follow-ups here.

The actual delay of a follow-up message will nearly always be longer though. The reason for this is that the work of the robot will always stay within the constraints of the current Dux-Soup throttle & speed settings. Doing this ensures that the activity that is generated by the robot stays within what a human would do, and not e.g. send messages in the middle of the night.

For follow-ups to be sent, please make sure that your Remote Control and Message Bridge is turned on:

Follow-ups can be delayed due to the following:

  • the visit speed ( Dux-Soup Options -> Throttle, Robot Speed )
  • the robot pauses after xy visits setting, ( Dux-Soup Options -> Throttle, Robot Speed )
  • the daily visit limit has been reached ( Dux-Soup Options -> Throttle, Daily Limits - profile visits )
  • the daily message limit has been reached ( Dux-Soup Options -> Throttle, Daily Limits  - direct messages )
  • the schedule of the planner stop the robot from doing work  ( Dux-Soup Options -> Planner )
  • the computer is switched off, or Chrome isn't running. (The On/ Off switch :)

So when setting delays, please take this into account.

Follow-ups will stop if your prospect replies to one of the messages. These messages will still show up in the queue (, but will not be sent as all the profiles that respond are blacklisted.