Funnel Flow

Funnel Flow is the place to monitor and control all your LinkedIn prospecting.

You can access Funnel Flow if you have Dux-Soup TURBO via the Dux-Dash in the bottom-right corner of the Dux-Soup drop-down menu:

Funnel Flow menu:

You can track Enrolling, invitations, accepted connections, follow-ups you have sent, prospects that have responded to you and qualified leads by clicking on one of the columns. You can also choose the campaign you wish to trach and the timeframe.

You can copy the Invited, Accepted, Followups, Responded and Qualified lists and paste this information to the preferred document.

You can access Qualified Out profiles by clicking on the Bin icon. You can reflow profiles that you have Qualified Out:

You cannot reflow profiles that are Qualified In.

Once you click on the arrow next to the contact, you will access the conversations you had with this prospect and you will be able to move them back to the follow-up queue or mark them as a qualified or not qualified lead: