Catching a webhook with Integromat

You can connect Dux-Soup Turbo to your CRM or another 3rd party software with Integromat. 

Here is how you can retrieve data from LinkedIn by catching the webhook of a particular Dux-Soup event:

1. Go to and select “Scenarios” from the left-side popup menu, and click on Create a new scenario button:

2. Search for “Dux-Soup” in the next window, click on the icon and select Continue:

3. Click on ? and select Dux-Soup as your 1st module. Then, select Watch Events:

4. Afterwards, click on Dux-Soup module and click on Add button:

5. Name your webhook and click on the Save button:

6. Copy the unique URL:

7. Paste this URL to Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab, select the event and enable the Webhook option:

Note: please be advised to use only one event for one webhook. Find more details here.

8. Go back to the, right-click on the Dux-Soup module and select Run this module only:

9. Return to Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab and click on Send Sample

It’s all set now!

You can now add the action module. Also, you can add filters, for example:

For more information on assigning a module's outputs, please click here.