Enrolling explained

‘enrolling’: to add a LinkedIn profile to a Dux-Soup Campaign

A profile can be added to a campaign in 3 ways
  1. By auto-inviting from a list in LinkedIn
  2. Via the Campaign widget 
  3. Via the Remote Control API, i.e.
    1.     From a connected Hubspot account
    2.     From a connected Pipedrive account
    3.     From the Dux-Soup Zapier app
    4.     From the Dux-Soup Integromat app (release is pending review, dd 30-6-2021)
Depending on the way a profile is enrolled, and the ‘degree’ of the profile, a number of different steps are taken and the profile will end up in a different stage of the campaign funnel.
1. Only applicable to 2nd or 3rd degree profiles. Upon sending the invitation the profile will be moved straight to the ‘invited’ segment of the selected campaign. No followups are scheduled yet.
2. Applicable to any ‘degree . In case of a 1st degree: The profile will be moved straight to the ‘followup’ segment of the funnel and the followups are scheduled immediately . In case of 2nd or 3rd degree the profile will be moved to the ‘enrolled’ segment and an invitation action will be queued. No followups are scheduled yet.
3. Applicable to any ‘degree’. An ‘enroll’ action is queued for the profile. Until this action has been executed the profile will not be visible in the 'enroll' segment. When the action executes it will follow the same logic #2 above.
NOTE: Followup messages will only be scheduled if the “followup” option has been enabled in Dux-Soup options “Automated Followup Messages”. The followups that are scheduled are determined by the campaign in which the profile was enrolled.

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