Default daily limits and Dux-Soup speed

Once you add Dux-Soup to your Chrome for the first time, your default daily limits and Dux-Soup speed are the following:

Robot visit speed is set to Random mode - between 25 and 125 profiles per hour.

Scanning profiles is set to fast - around 6 pages per minute.

Dux-Soup will pause for 5 minutes after every 20 visits.

The limit for profile visits is determined automatically based on the type of LinkedIn account you have, which could be Free LinkedIn, Business Premium, Sales Navigator or Recruiter.

- On a standard LinkedIn, Dux-Soup will visit up to 100 visits per day.

- If you run Dux-Soup on any LinkedIn Premium, it will visit up to 250 visits per day.

Starting with a smaller number of connection requests and gradually increasing them as your acceptance rate improves is crucial for your automated outreach, thus, connection requests are limited to 25 per day by default. 

The daily default direct message limit is 100.

Please be aware that Dux-Soup depletes your profile visit limit when you send connection requests or direct messages on LinkedIn.

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