Where can I change my daily limits?

This applies to Expert UI users. Regular/Simplified UI users have the safest preset daily limits.

To change your daily limits, go to Options and select Throttling tab

Below you will see your Daily Limits settings and in order to override them, you need to click the box "Check to confirm you understand the risk!" Now you can select the number of profile visits and connection request to be sent per day.

If you leave your Profile Visits to "Detect: Leave it to us", it means that Dux-Soup will identify the type of LinkedIn account you have and select the number of visits automatically. By default, Dux-Soup will do the following number of visits:

- On a standard LinkedIn, you can do up to 100 visits per day

- LinkedIn Premium allows you to do 250 visits per day

- Sales Navigator allows you to do up to 500 visits per day

- On Recruiter Lite, you can do up to 600 visits per day 

However, as mentioned earlier, these settings are user-configurable and you can select how many profiles the robot visits per day.  

The same applies to the connection requests - here you need to select how many people Dux-Soup tried to send connection requests to. We would advise sending connection requests to 3% of the number of all your connections, e.g. if you have 10.000 connections in total, you would send 300 requests.