Make scenarios: How to trigger the visit event

You can capture Dux-Soup events and record them in your CRM or another 3rd party software with Make.

Here is how you can capture a visit event using Dux-Soup Turbo webhooks:

  1. In your Make dashboard, select 'Scenarios' from the left-side popup menu, and click on Create a new scenario button.
  2. Click on a plus and search for 'Dux-Soup':

  1. Select ‘Watch Events':

  1. Click on a module and select the 'Add' button:

  1. Name your webhook and save it.
  2. Copy the webhook and select ‘OK’:

  1. Paste this webhook into the Dux-Soup Options, Connect tab and make sure you have only selected the 'Visit' event. Then, click on the ‘Send Sample’ button:

  1. Go back to Make, right-click on the Dux-Soup module and select 'Run this module only':

If you only want to process visit events that have an email captured:

Make sure you have the event type 'update':

If Make captured the event type 'create' - click on the Dux-Soup module again, select 'Run this module only' and click on the 'Use existing data' button:

Add a filter to your Make scenario to process only events that contain email: