Dux-Soup Turbo: Actions tab

The Actions tab, found in Dux-Soup Turbo Expert Options, provides functionality to automate diverse LinkedIn activities when auto-visiting profiles. It also allows you to define specific exclusions for a more tailored outreach.

Within this tab, you can define the LinkedIn actions you want to automate when selecting options from the Dux-Soup drop-down menu, such as 'Visit Profiles' or 'Visit and Connect.'

Here are key LinkedIn actions you can initiate:

  • Send connection requests to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections during visits using standard LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.
  • Send a personalized message to 1st Degree Connections using standard LinkedIn or Sales Navigator
  • Send InMail™ during visits using Sales Navigator or Recruiter
  • Follow any profile using Standard LinkedIn
  • Disconnect a profile from your network using Standard LinkedIn
  • Save any profile as 'Lead' using Sales Navigator
  • Save the profile as a PDF file using Standard LinkedIn
  • Endorse skills of a 1st-degree connection using Standard LinkedIn
  • Tag profiles
  • Expand profile detail sections on Standard LinkedIn, which would allow you to record extended profile data.

'Run automated actions while manually browsing profiles' allows you to automate all above mentioned LinkedIn actions when you manually select and open LinkedIn profiles in a new browser tab.

In the middle section of the Actions tab, you'll find options to exclude all automated actions for profiles that meet specified exclusion criteria:

Exclude profiles with fewer connections

If this option is enabled, Dux-Soup will refrain from executing selected actions when opening a LinkedIn profile with fewer connections.

Exclude blacklisted profiles

Dux-Soup will disregard actions for profiles manually blacklisted or automatically blacklisted due to their response.

Exclude profiles that should be skipped based on their tags

Dux-Soup will skip automated actions for profiles with tags specified in the Skipping tab.

Cancel Invites

Enabling the 'Cancel pending connection requests' option ensures that Dux-Soup checks the sent connection request page every hour and withdraws connection requests that meet the specified timeframe. Dux-Soup will review one page at a time.

Additionally, the 'Check Now' button expedites the process, prompting Dux-Soup to review older connection requests as soon as you click the button.

Automated Follow-Up Messages

The 'Automatically send follow-up messages after a connection has been added' option is enabled automatically when using the 'Enroll Profiles' feature. This ensures your drip campaigns are running smoothly. If you disable this option, your campaigns will be paused.

You also have the flexibility to manually enable this option without enrolling people. In doing so, profiles that receive an automated connection request will be added to the drip campaign you have pre-set.

Before initiating the 'Visit and Connect' function from the drop-down menu, where it says 'Select the desired drip campaign,' it is essential to define the campaign name. Profiles will be enrolled in this campaign upon auto-inviting.

If you wish to include manually invited profiles in a drip campaign, ensure to tick the option 'Send follow-up messages to all new connections, not just those enrolled in a campaign.'

Name Scrubber

The Name Scrubber function allows you to clean up profile names used in your message markers, such as _FN_ or _LN_ when sending auto-messages (InMails, connection requests, follow-up, or direct messages). Simply add values to the Name Scrubber box, and it will ensure the tidy presentation of profile names in your automated communication