How to manage your LinkedIn Inbox within Dux-Soup

You can see all the messages you received on LinkedIn and reply within the Dux-Dash, Funnel Flow page.

On the Funnel Flow page, you are provided with the choice to view messages for all campaigns or select a specific campaign:

In order to review all messages sent and make an informed decision, it is advisable to select the All time range:

People who received messages on LinkedIn and had any type of Dux-Soup activity during the selected timeframe are displayed in the Followups segment within the Funnel. Additionally, the Responded segment will display people who replied.

The selected Funnel segment will display the prospect list. While the Stats and the Funnel display automated actions, i.e., those sent by Dux-Soup, you can see all messages in the timeline, including manually sent ones, when you click on the arrow:

Here, you can:

  • Continue the automated campaign when prospects reply.
  • Qualify or disqualify the prospect from the lead generation funnel.
  • Send a manual reply (Message button).
  • Switch the campaign for the profile.
  • Unenroll the profile from a campaign.

To respond, click on the Message button and compose your message, then click Send:

Within the 'All Campaigns' view in Funnel Flow, the 'Message' is sent with the latest campaign for this profile.

If you select the specific campaign and click the Message button, this message will be sent with the selected campaign.

Please note that the message can be significantly delayed when you run 1st-degree campaigns, meaning when you add many profiles to the follow-up sequence where all messages are scheduled to be sent around the same time.