How do I skip certain profiles/companies?

If you have a specific list of companies or LinkedIn profiles that you want to skip, follow these steps:

1. Manual tagging

The easiest way to exclude people and companies you do not want to target is to tag them manually. This will require you to click on one profile at a time and add a tag under the Dux-Soup tricks box. Once you add the tag, it will be saved on the system automatically. 

Once all the unwanted profiles have been tagged, head over to Options in Dux-Soup and click on ‘Skipping’ tab. Add the tag that you’ve just used.

2. Auto-tagging

Let’s say you have already closed the deal with a company and you in the future you want to avoid contacting anyone in that company. You can auto-tag profiles which saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to visit each profile manually.

Start by performing a new search on LinkedIn, enter the company name you want to avoid and filter the contacts.

This will bring you a list of all the people working at that company.

What you need to do next is go to Dux-Soup Options and Automated Actions. Enter a tag of your choice next to ‘Tag profiles as…” , e.g. ‘Client’, and close this tab.

Go back to your search results on LinkedIn and click on “Visit Profiles” on Dux-Soup drop-down menu. Dux-Soup will auto-visit and tag every profile saving a lot of precious time for you. 

Once all the unwanted profiles have been tagged, head over to Options in Dux-Soup and click on ‘Skipping’ tab and add the tag that you’ve just used (same process as was discussed in the first point: Manual Tagging). The next time you are visiting profiles, Dux-Soup will skip all the tagged profiles and they will not be sent any message or connection request.

3. Custom Pattern

Dux-Soup can be configured to skip all profiles that match a certain text in the result. It uses a “regular expression” to do this, and without knowing how these work you can easily configure Dux-Soup to skip e.g. all profiles that include “IBM” or “Microsoft” in the search result. This is done as follows:


Now when you start the auto-visit, Dux-Soup will scan each line item for the text:

In this case the Profile ‘Marc…’ will be skipped as it contains the text ‘IBM’. Dux-Soup will notify you when skipping using the following warning message:

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